This part of strongcomet.com features iPhoneography art by Eitan Shavit (using the pseudonym: strongcomet), iPhoneographer and ShapeShifter from the Jerusalem district, Israel.

All photos (well, at least 90 percent of them) were taken with iPhone 3GS/4S, and were entirely edited on it using various editing apps.

Some edits use apps stacking, ie adding different edits with different apps on top of each other, to create a whole new image.

All photos are shared on Instagram, and some on my Flickr, Pinterest, EyeEm, Tadaa and Starmatic accounts.

I’m a proud Founder Artist for the New Era Museum, recently joined the AMPt Community, and always exploring new ways of sharing my art, as well as being exposed to other artists from all over the world.

You are more than welcome to browse my photographs, leave a comment  or use the social network buttons to like and share your experience on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Hope to see you on your favourite photographic platforms 🙂