The Standing Ovation

In late 2014 I became familiar with the work of the Mystorin Theatre Group in Tel-Aviv. I’ve photographed one of their shows and was hooked by their visual performance of my favourite subject: Mystery 🙂

A few days ago I was happy to join the group again, this time with a new show called SEVEN. It’s hard to explain what’s going on, but it felt like being a part of a movie, shooting my way around the group that travels 7 floors in 90 minutes, changing costumes, music, props, lighting and atmosphere, in an ongoing, unstoppable extravaganza.

All photos were shot on my iPhone 4S, with Hipstamatic / Mark lens / Blackeys SuperGrain film. Some of the photos demanded 16:9, but some did retain 1:1 to show the group with their surroundings.

The first photo is actually the last one. The Standing Ovation.