BW #90f2012

6aedfa36533a11e2a5cd22000a1fb0b0_7Black and white ARE the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. (Robert Frank). There’s something about Black And White photography that just stands out. One cannot imagine how a BW image would look in color, so you must find the balance between Black, White, shadow and light.Took me more than four months to start editing B&W photos, mostly with the noir app, but my major breakthrough came in September when I’ve overcame my fear of Hipstamatic. The analogue feel of John S lens combined with Blackeys SuperGrain is incredible and I couldn’t take another photo with any other app since.The BW community on Instagram is extraordinary, and I must thank¬†@artphoto_bw,@bw_society, @bws_c_urbancat, @blitz_bw, @bws_woodava, @phil_mc, @mark_pc, @babujani, @iangarrington, @italianbrother, @hoiyeepolly, @emencher, @doobie_howser, @idangolko, @yappi, @asinellone, @theradu, @dragon_creation, @maicamero, @raphaelsolholm, @thomas_k, for their support and for being amazing BW artists in their own right.

Special thanks to two artists who have inspired me greatly:
@koci and @fisheyedreams !
God bless and have a spectacular 2013!