.King For a Day.

More than 60,000 refugees arrived in Israel in a period of a few years, mainly from Sudan and Arithrea.
It’s a major geopolitical/social/environmental problem for all involved, and I won’t go into details about how Israel treats these refugees (badly) and when the situation will be resloved (never).
It’s not just Israel’s problem, but the whole world is dealing with 3rd World refugees, an issue that must be resolved firstly at their own countries, and will take a while and a lot of innocent lives.

But, we’re here to celebrate life. These are people, with past, present and future, families, feelings, a will to survive and lust for life.Me and Rachel were on our way to have lunch in Jerusalem, and just before arriving, we saw a mass of black people, all dressed beautifully in white, walking into a public garden. The photographer in me just pulled over, parked the car, and we followed them into the garden.

It was a mass Arithrean wedding day.
70 (!) Brides and grooms from all over the country arrived to this specific garden in Jerusalem to have their wedding pictures taken. They were dressed so beautifully, each tribe with their own outfits, wearing crowns and posing shyly to the endless amount of mobile and professional cameras.

In this series I’ve (hopefully) captured some of the unique atmosphere of that garden of delight 🙂