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Tonight’s feature was collected by one of our guest contributors, Yifat@yifatash.
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#MobileArtistry is creative edits, beautiful images, unique perspectives, stellar shots, and happy accidents. IE, stuff you won’t find on the pop page. Through this ongoing project we hope to expose people to art and artists they may not normally get to see, learn about one another’s process, and encourage each other to push the limits of creativity.
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Tonight’s submission is from Eitan, aka @strongcomet, let’s hear about his process.

This photo is part 5 out of a 7 photo series called “City Ghosts”. All photos were taken inside a shopping mall within one hour, except the final one which was taken earlier that morning at the park near my house. Shot this with Hipstamatic using John S lens and D-Type Plate film. Most of the blurry, dreamy feel came out from the initial shot itself, as I have an iPhone 3GS with a terrible camera, given the very low light and the fact that the subject was moving, together with the D-Type film, made a beautiful ghostly effect. In Snapseed, cropped out the etchy frame that comes with the D-Type film. Then took the image to my secret app (never saw a mention of it): PicBoost, applied an overlay called Film 4, adjusted its opacity and saved.

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