Part IV – The Mystorin (Hebrew for Mystery) Theater

And this is where all the pieces come together, on A Thursday night, 10PM, on the Seventh floor of the second largest Bus Station in the World.Part IV – The Mystorin (Hebrew for Mystery) TheaterThe Mystorin Theater Group is a Israeli theater group that brings the beauty of ancient Hebrew texts to Israeli and international audiences, creating a unique theatrical poetry. The original theatrical language of the group is rich in visual images, full of different meanings and interpretations.Through video, movement, singing and visual theatre, the performances of the Mystorin group reflect the narrative of ancient texts and communicate with the audience both as a story and as a total mystical experience with a strong emotional impact.The group specializes in environment dependant performances, adjusting the show to the location where it takes place. The following photos describe the journey of the group through all the seven floors of the station.